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              ere is how to make jello shots and get away with it at a music festival with no running water, or electric. It's easy to make shots at home but it's even easier without all the amenities at home. Sounds weird and backwards but pay attention and let me learn ya alittle.

You will need:
huge stock pot. Big enough to hold 800 ounces of water, Commercial grade Propane turkey cooker, collapsable table, 50 6 oz boxes of jello, 5 handles of cheap plastic bottled vodka, two huge blue jugs of spring water, ( bankers club preferably), sharpie marker, 1 cup measuring cup,8 bags of ice (optional -10 lbs of dry ice for extreme hot weather) ,500 portion cups and lids, wet towel, huge cooler-enough to hold at least 160 cans of beer, 5 gallon bucket, plastic pitcher, big soup spoon, lighter.

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                t these festivals sometimes the security won't let you bring in all these handles of vodka that we would need to make the amount of shots that we would need to pull this off. The security would confiscate it from you when they check your vehicle upon entry so an important pre step is to buy two huge jugs of spring water then go out to the parking lot and empty the spring water out of the jug. Pour one handle of vodka into the jug. With a sharpie marker Mark out where the vodka came up to on the jug, pour the second handle in and do the same, and do the same on the 3rd 4th and 5th handles as well.. You will now have a spring water jug filled with vodka and will look identical to a spring water jug with just spring water in it. If a security personel looks at the bottle upon the entry vehicle search then he will think it's water and not vodka. Each jug will hold about 12 handles of vodka so should have 12 marks on the jug if you fill the thing up completely with vodka.

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1. Turn on propane for the propane turkey cooker. Use your lighter to Ignite the flame.
2. Put huge stock pot on the turkey cooker and pour 50 cups of spring water in. Bring to a rolling boil.
3. Open all 25 6 oz boxes of jello and pour them into the hot water. Stir for 2 minutes. Take the pot off the flame and place in the grass.
4. From vodca springwater jug, extract five handles using the marks that you made on the jugs. Stir the mixture for about 2 minutes.
5. Taste test the warm mixture. It should give u a warm burning sensation in the back of your throat. If it doesn't, add more vodka.
6. Unfold table and put wet towel on top. Begin to line up all 500 of the plastic portion cups into straight rows leaving about a half inch between cups for finger room.
7. Pour some of the warm jello mixture into the pitcher and begin distributing into the cups.
8. Fill all cups up with the jello mix and snap the lids on.
9. Put the hot jello shots into the cooler. Don't worry about stacking them carefully in the cooler. The lids will hold the mixture.
10. Open the bags of ice and dump them over the jello shots. Close cooler and wait 30 mins. That's faster than cooling them at home!
11. Open cooler in 30 mins and taste the shots. They should be ready to be sold and eaten by the thousands of people camping around you.